Film series: Hotel Lux

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Film series: Hotel Lux

Berlin, 1933: Hans Zeisig and Siggi Meyer are a comedy act: At the Varieté Valetti, they do a brilliant parody of Hitler and Stalin - unperturbed by initial attempts to intimidate them. But that will not go on for much longer. Meyer goes into hiding in the Resistance, gets caught and is taken to a concentration camp. Zeisig is forced to flee with a false passport and ends up in Moscow, in the notorious immigrants’ hotel Lux. The Soviet secret services mistake him for Hitler’s renegade astrologer; Zeisig interprets the stars for Stalin and gets caught up in the power struggle between Stalin’s schemers. Zeisig loves Frida, an underground resistance fighter from Holland, who protects him until she lands herself in trouble.

In the end, a dream comes true after all: In August 1939, on the day that Hitler’s foreign minister comes to Moscow to sign the non-aggression pact between Stalin and Hitler, Zeisig, Meyer and Frida manage to flee to Hollywood. Hotel Lux is directed by Leander Haussmann. 
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