Hantana Mountain Range

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Hantana Mountain range is popular hiking spot in Kandy
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A mountain range for those who love to hike.

The Hantana mountain range, situated at a convenient distance from Kandy and comprising of seven peaks is popular among those who loves hiking, especially mountains. For experienced hikers, the range may not be that challenging while for novices it would prove to be somewhat of a trails. However, novice or veteran if you are not that familiar with the Hantana territory it is best that the hike is attempted under the direction of a guide. Hikers are likely to come across a variety of wildlife, rare medicinal plants and natural streams. The Katsukanda mountain is supposedly the toughest one to scale owing to its steep stature.The sight from the peak of these mountains is absolutely captivating as it offers a panoramic view of the Central Province. 


Venue name: Hantana Mountain Range
Address: Hantana
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