Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

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Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
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Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
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Kalametiya Bird Santuary
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Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
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A swamp marsh area that is home to wintering as well as endemic birds in Sri Lanka.

Spanning across 2,500 acre of lagoons and water clogged swamps, this bird sanctuary has a diversified range of birds and animals. Attractive feathered flocks from different regions around the world congregate here for a short period when winter season sets in. Here bird enthusiasts can spot birds such as the Grey Herons, Brahminy Kite and Purple Swamphens along with endangered species like the Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, and the Black-capped Purple Kingfisher. Cruising through the waters of lagoon in a boat is a wonderful way to spot and observe the many elusive birds at the small islets. The ideal time for visiting is during the months of December and January.


Venue name: Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
Address: Hambantota Road
Opening hours: Daily 6am-4pm
Price: Rs4,000 for boat rides
Static map showing venue location