Medin Full Moon Poya Day

The Medin Full Moon Poya day marks the occasion of the Buddha revisiting his father’s kingdom.
Medin full moon poya
By Time Out editors |

March 12

The Buddha had not returned to his home since leaving it on his quest for Nirvana. Repeated missives were sent by the king but the Buddha knew the time was not right. Each messenger sent joined the Buddha and took to robes. The last messenger was the minister Kaludai, who, after having himself taken the robes, urged the Buddha to revisit Kimbulwathpura, reminding him of the beauty of that kingdom during this season. 

The Buddha’s visit to Kimbulwathpura was to bear much fruit. Not only did he reveal the 
doctrine to his family, he also managed to help his son Rahula and half-brother Nanda to attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana. 

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