Mount Lavinia Beach

Things to do Mount Lavinia
Mount Lavinia Beach
Mount Lavinia Beach
Mount Lavinia Beach

A favourite spot for people of all ages to hangout.

The beach at Mount Lavinia is one of the most popular spots in Colombo, whether it’s for taking a cool dip in the bright blue ocean, or just to soak up some sun. The beautiful stretch of fine sandy shore paired with foaming waves at Mount Lavinia attracts families and young cliques alike. You will find on the beach, children running around, chasing each other and playing with the sand while their parents stand close by with watchful eyes and take in the sea breeze and picturesque scenery. Some are seen taking their canine friends out for a walk, and couples can be spied taking a stroll, hand in hand along the sea’s edge. The beach is also a favourite choice for school field trips, picnics and photo shoots.


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Mount Lavinia
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