SAARC Film Festival 2016

SAARC Film Festival 2016 is back this year to screen some of the best feature and short films.
SAARC Film Festival 2016
By Time Out editors |

Screening at: National Film Corporation Cinema, Colombo 7

Entrance free

June 1

Masaan – 6.30pm

Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Masaan features two contrasting stories.

June 2

City of Dust – 3.30pm

Directed by Mohammad Jamil Jalla, the story is about the struggle of two lovers in Kabul.

Jalal’s Story – 4pm

A movie by Abu Shahed Emon, this Bengali film is about a child adopted from the river.

Travellers and Magicians – 6.30pm

This is a story about a Bhutanese official who wants to experience the fantasy of American culture and dreams and decides to visit the United States of America.  On his way to obtain the visa, he encounters a group of travelers where the storyline brings a twist. 

June 3

Goonga Pehelwan – 3.30pm

This is a documentary film on the life and struggles of Virender Singh, an accomplished deaf athlete

Mikoe Bappa Baey Baey – 4.30pm

The movie revolves around a family of three where they meet with an accident and the father is affected by amnesia while the mother struggles to save the scattered family.

Ho Gaana Pokuna – 6.30pm

Directed by Indika Fernando, this is one of the best children’s musical movies of the year 2015, having banged with many accolades. 

Master Class with the film experts – 10.30pm

June 4

Apple – 10am

This a short film directed by Chamila Priyanka.

An apple from Paradise – 10.30am

The movie was awarded under the categories for best filmmaking and acting. 

Nekabbarer Mahaproyan – 1.15pm

Having won the best film award, this movie is directed by Masud Pathik.

Living Without Life – 3.30pm

This is a Sri Lankan short film directed by Eranda Mahagamage, Sajani Shanika Dulanjalee Balagee.

Effas – 6pm

A 25-minute short film directed by Ravee Farooq.

Cinemawala – 6.30pm

This movie was awarded the UNESCO Fellini Medal and was a tribute to the bygone era of celluloid films by Kaushik Ganguly. 

June 5

O Apara Kala – 10pm

Directed by Abha Naktode, this is a story about a teenager who while meditating sees a vision of herself as a kuchipudi dancer in her previous birth.

Asham – 10.30pm

This Maldivian feature film is directed by Ali Seezan. 

Benegal’s New Cinema  – 3pm

Directed by Iram Ghufran, this is a documentary on the films of Shyam Benegal, that explores the time, ethos and concerns of the new cinema movement in India through his oeuvre. 

The Cup – 4.30pm

This is a story about two Tibetan boys escaping Tibet and arrive at a Tibetan monastery-in-exile nestled in the picturesque foothill of Himalayas. 

Boradiya Pokuna – 6.30pm

Directed by Sathyajith Maitipe, this is a Sri Lankan movie.


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