Smokin’ hot summer BBQ!

It’s time for some hot summer fun. There’s something about burning food on the fire that hypes up the mood.

Smokin’ hot summer BBQ!
Smokin’ hot summer BBQ!
Smokin’ hot summer BBQ!
Smokin’ hot summer BBQ!

Everyone Loves a good BBQ, where friends and family can sit around the grill and relate stories. Home gardens, poolside, rooftops or even the beach, they all make great venues for BBQs. Sip on homemade ginger beer, cocktails, mocktails and even some favourite tropical beverages, to cool off from the heaty steam of the grill. It’s the recipe for a hot mood.

Meat, seafood and even vegetables; throw them on to the flame. Sticky, sweet and spicy sauces served and ready. Apply garlic paste on your choice of bread or your favourite roast pan (local bread) – you can heat this up on the fire for added flavour. Then sit around the BBQ rack chatting and singing with a watchful eye on the grill.

Whether you are holidaying in the coast or hills, a BBQ can spice up the mood. Beachside BBQs are the best. Fresh fish is always on
hand and you can watch the sunset with the sea breeze cooling your senses. Marinated in garlic, pepper and salt, the fish is tightly wrapped in foil to lock in the flavours and placed on the flaming grill. While it cooks you can stroll along the soft sands of the beach watching the moon and stars sharing the spotlight in the dark skies.

If you are in the hills the warmth of the grill will be welcoming, and the serene views of the mountains sets a mesmerising backdrop.

As the holidays set in, Sri Lankans host family and friends from across the globe. BBQs are
a favourite because they take limited prep
and need limited attention when cooking. The aroma of roasting food sets a merry ambience. Obviously, watch out not to burn the food. A fresh cup of pure Ceylon tea makes a great combination.

Once the meat is off the grill, you’ve just got to stick a fork in it and dig in.