Sports fanatics have an array of events to look forward to, be it Sri Lankan or international.
Grand Prix
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Cheer on your favourite sports personalities as the games move forward.

Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
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Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand

The Sri Lankan and New Zealand cricket teams compete against each other as the fans cheer them on.

December 15-19

1st Test: Basin Reserve, Wellington; 11am

December 26-30

2nd Test: Hagley Oval, Christchurch; 11am


Premier League

As the year draws to a close, the football fervour heightens.

December 1

Cardiff vs Wolves                  01.30

Crystal Palace vs Burnley      20.30

Huddersfield vs Brighton       20.30

Leicester vs Watford             20.30

Man City vs Bournemouth     20.30

Newcastle vs West Ham        20.30

Southampton vs Man Utd      23.00

December 2

Chelsea vs Fulham                17.30

Arsenal vs Spurs                   19.35

Liverpool vs Everton              21.45

December 5

Bournemouth vs

Huddersfield                         01.15

Brighton vs Crystal Palace     01.15

West Ham vs Cardiff             01.15

Watford vs Man City             01.30

December 6 

Burnley vs Liverpool              01.15

Everton vs Newcastle            01.15

Fulham vs Leicester              01.15

Wolves vs Chelsea                01.15

Man Utd vs Arsenal               01.30

Spurs vs Southampton          01.30 

December 8

Bournemouth vs Liverpool    18.00

Arsenal vs Huddersfield         20.30

Burnley vs Brighton              20.30

Cardiff vs Southampton         20.30

Man Utd vs Fulham               20.30

West Ham vs Crystal Palace   20.30

Chelsea vs Man City              23.00

December 9

Leicester vs Spurs                 01.15

Newcastle vs Wolves             21.30

December 11

Everton vs Watford               01.30

December 15

Man City vs Everton              18.00

Crystal Palace vs Leicester     20.30

Huddersfield vs Newcastle      20.30

Spurs vs Burnley                   20.30

Watford vs Cardiff                 20.30

Wolves vs Bournemouth        20.30

Fulham vs West Ham             23.00

December 16

Brighton vs Chelsea              19.00

Southampton vs Arsenal       19.00

Liverpool vs Man Utd            21.30

December 22

Wolves vs Liverpool               01.30

Arsenal vs Burnley                18.00

Bournemouth vs Brighton      20.30

Chelsea vs Leicester              20.30

Huddersfield vs Southampton 20.30

Man City vs Crystal Palace     20.30

Newcastle vs Fulham             20.30

West Ham vs Watford            20.30

Cardiff vs Man Utd                 23.00

December 23

Everton vs Spurs                   21.30

December 26

Fulham vs Wolves                  18.00

Burnley vs Everton                20.30

Crystal Palace vs Cardiff         20.30

Leicester vs Man City             20.30

Liverpool vs Newcastle           20.30

Man Utd vs Huddersfield        20.30

Spurs vs Bournemouth          20.30

Brighton vs Arsenal               22.45

December 27

Watford vs Chelsea               01.00

December 28

Southampton vs West Ham    01.15

December 29

Brighton vs Everton              20.30

Fulham vs Huddersfield         20.30

Leicester vs Cardiff               20.30

Spurs vs Wolves                   20.30

Watford vs Newcastle            20.30

Liverpool vs Arsenal              23.00

December 30

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea       17.30

Burnley vs West Ham             19.45

Southampton vs Man City       19.45

Man Utd vs Bournemouth        22.00

Rugby League Tournament
Rugby League Tournament

Rugby League

Rugby League Tournament

The excitement of the tournament continues as avid rugby fans encourage their favourite teams.

December 1

Air Force SC vs Navy SC; Ratmalana; 4.00pm

Army SC vc CH &FC; Race Course; 6.30pm 

December 2

Kandy FC vs CR & FC; NIttawala; 4.00pm

December 7

Army SC vs Navy SC; Race Course; 6.30pm

December 8

CR & FC vs Havelock SC; Longdon Place; 4.00pm

December 9

Kandy SC vs CH & FC; Nittawala; 4.00pm

Police SC vs Air Force SC; Police Park; 4.00pm

December 14

CR & FC vs Air Force SC; Longdon Place; 4.00pm

December 15

Police SC vs Army SC; Police Park; 4.00pm

December 16

Kandy SC vs Havelock SC ; NIttawala; 4.00pm

Navy SC vs CH & FC; Welisara; 4.00pm

December 21

Army SC vs CR & FC; Race Course; 6.30pm

December 22

CH & FC vs Police SC; Race Course; 6.30pm

December 23

Navy SC vs Kandy SC; Welisara; 4.00pm

Air Force SC vs Havelock SC; Ratmalana; 4.00pm