The Madhu Festival

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The Madhu Church festival takes place every year in August when thousands of Catholic devotees flock from all over the island to the Church premises to celebrate the day of assumption of the hallowed Virgin Mary. 

Festivities begin after a ceremonial hoisting of the flag and religious observances. Sermons held in both Sinhala and Tamil, and the same with high masses, usher offer praise. The shrine of the Virgin Mary is carried on the shoulders of her followers in and around the Church premises in an immense procession. Throughout the duration of this procession, crowds can be heard reciting the Rosary and singing hymns. Time and time again “Hail Marys” and “Amens’ rise harmoniously into the air, in admiration of their idol. 

The celebrations continue for up to ten days, with food, garment, cutlery and many more vendors entertaining the crowds that linger on for as long as the festivities last. Places to stay for those travelling from great distances are arranged within the Madhu Church’s boarding facilities. 

The festivities conclude as the procession returns the Virgin Mary’s shrine back to her home at Madhu Church. 

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