Unduvap Poya

Visit the sacred city, Anuradhapura this Poya

Anuradhapura, in North Central Sri Lanka, will see thousands of Buddhists pay homage to the Sri Maha Bodhi on Unduvap, the last Poya for 2016. History recalls that Sangamitta Theri arrived in the Port of Dambakola Patuna in Jaffna after a seven day journey from India with a sapling of the Sacred Bodhi Tree, the oldest tree of worship under which the Buddha had attained enlightenment.

Uduvap Poya is special because of the history of the Sacred Tree that was welcomed with grandeur by the king of Sri Lanka, Devanampiyatissa, who, it is recounted, waded into the sea to receive the bowl containing the sapling. The Sri Maha Bodhi temple in Anuradhapura where the Sacred Tree stands, will be full of devotees this Poya.