Up up and away...

The golden coasts, of the Island are in a rush with strong gusts and the energy of kite flyers from August to October.
Up up and away...
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Up up and away...
ViShWa Vishwathan
By Time Out editors |

Kite flying is in its element filling the air with exciting “Ahs and Oohs!” with jolly adults embracing their inner-child.

In Sri Lanka, kites are some of the first crafts we all learn to make as children and even today children take much pride when it is handmade and not bought. They all love to own the largest, longest, most innovative or most colourful one.

Kite in hand, the flyer runs with the wind until it takes flight and glides, while sudden gusts lift it up. The windy Western coastlines are a hotspot for this hobby and the sky is filled with the colourful kites rivalling the birds as it soars. However, be it the Southern Hikkaduwa, Northern Casuarina or Eastern Arugam Bay and Nilaveli beaches, Sri Lanka’s lively shores are ideal spots to let winds carry your kite up to the sky.

Kite flying also creates a great opportunity to make new friends and an even better excuse to go to the beach. Crowds gather in groups at the Galle Face Green in the heart of the Colombo to show-off their talents in informal competitions. Kite vendors walk about with luminous kites and a catchy sales phrase on their tongues. Fruit vendors, toy and ice cream vendors further liven the atmosphere. The sky, like an abstract painting pulsates with different hues.

Mount Lavinia, the city beach is also a popular destination for kite flying. There are many restaurants around to lounge in after a tiring session. Or you could lay a blanket, grab a basket of goodies and picnic on the beach. 

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