Along the waters of Benthara

Bentota in the south west of the island is a coastal getaway with many thrills to offer.
The great Benthara river promises an exciting adventure
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Explore the lush green mangroves
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Water sports galore
By Swetha |

The Benthara or Bentota river has many great surprises in store. At first glance you may assume it is merely a ride through serene natural beauty, but this river also makes for an exciting adventure.

Fresh breeze with a hint of saltiness will sweep through your hair as you hop onto the boat from the pier near the Bentota bridge. Bouncy thrills as the boat clefts the water are sure to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness.

The banks of the river are densely filled with freshwater mangroves. While drifting on the waters, amidst these emerald green flanks keep your eyes peeled to spot bird life, especially the flying foxes – bats that will be hanging lopsided off tree branches. Watch out for glimpses of rural village life through the greens. Bentota river is after all the border between the Western and Southern Provinces of the island.

The fascinating mangroves are the magical element of the river. As the boat glides through the enchanting enclave, you feel as if you are being transported to the fairytales of your childhood. The wild sightings within will only add to your delight within the spooky calm of this mangrove cave. As the you journey onwards, keep an eye on the long creeping branches and be ready to bend your head out of the way! Many boats glide past each other along the mangrove lanes with passengers shrieking with delight and waving at each other.

Bentota in the south west of the island is a coastal getaway with many thrills to offer. Take time off the rollicking waves and sunny beach to experience a mystical voyage along the great Benthara river.

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