August Getaways

August Getaways features Gampola, the town located in the central highlands, 18 Hairpin bends, Lipton's Seat, Haputale, the annual Bellanwila Raja Maha Viharaya and Point Pedro.

 Makara Thorana at Lankatilleke
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Lipton’s Seat of Haputale
Point Pedro
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Featured here are our August Getaways.


Located in the central highlands, enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. The Ambuluwawa Mountain here is a multi religious centre and bio diversity complex; amidst its beautifully landscaped gardens are a temple, a church, a Hindu kovil and a mosque. With rich biodiversity, it is the perfect getaway for the nature buff.

The Niyamgampaya temple here has origins running back to the ancient Anuradhapura period. In the Saliyalapura temple is the longest sleeping Buddha statue in South Asia. Three veritable gems of medieval temples are also to be found here: Embekke, Lankatilleke and Gadaladeniya. 

18 HairpinBends
Leaving behind the bustle of Kandy, venture into country that’s all greenery and wilderness, with a skyline dominated by mountains. The 18 hairpin bends are in one of the most scenic roads in Sri Lanka.

As you descend from the hills of Kandy with each sharp bend, you go you can see the country below: a beautiful panorama of Mahiyangane with the territory of the aboriginal Veddhas. Originally there were 18 hairpin bends, but now only 17 survive. In each bend, you will be greeted by rilaw (macaques) who swing down from trees and ogle you.

Lipton’s Seat of Haputale
Nestled in the misty heights of the Haputale Mountains clothed in tea is Lipton’s Seat, offering one of the most panoramic vistas a hilltop in Sri Lanka can give. To reach the vantage point you must brave a 7-kilometer climb.

The view is unbelievable, covering a vast panorama with a number of lakes. Two routes lead up to the top, one from Bandarawela and the other from Haputale. If you want an unspoiled view, you are advised to reach Lipton’s Seat before 10 in the morning. 

Bellanwila Raja Maha Vihara Perahera
The Bellanwila temple perahera that takes place each year in the month of August was commenced in 1950. The streets surrounding the temple come alive with music, drum beats, dancers, colour and energy as the perahera rituals take the road.

The perahera today incorporates more than 50 dance items and a great number of elephants. Large crowds from all walks of life gathers to experi- ence this procession, which is of a two weeks’ duration, taking place every night. It is a spiritual observance and proud spectacle of unity. 

Point Pedro
Point Pedro is the northernmost point of Sri Lanka. Here a beach of white sand fronts the blue sea. A Lion Flag stands steadfast marking the exact point. In beaches of fishing hamlets nearby, you may see fish spread out to dry: rows of glistening ray, shark, snapper and barracuda. Also check out the remnants of colonial buildings and kovils.