Kaudulla National Park

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Kaudulla National Park
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Kaudulla National Park
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Kaudulla National Park
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Get lost in the wilderness of Kaudulla.

If bird watching and elephants are on your list of things-to-do, while in Sri Lanka, then Kaudulla National Park is the place to be. Here’s what to expect while on your safari adventure: the Kadulla Reservoir, the main prodigy for wildlife harmony; eagles such as the serpent eagle, grey headed fish eagle; blue tailed bee-eaters, little cormorants, grey herons, painted storks, the Asian open-bill, woolly necked storks… the list may go on for bird enthusiasts. 

Elephants of course may take a little or a lot of the attention, however if just that doesn’t pack a punch then the breathtaking scenery comprising grasslands, riverine and dry mixed evergreen forests, definitely will. Even so, there will always be something lurking amongst all that vegetation. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next spectacle from Kaudulla’s teeming flora and fauna. 

The Park can be accessed off the Habarana-Trincomalee Road and is recommended for visits August through December.


Venue name: Kaudulla National Park
Price: Locals: Rs 40 (adults); Foreigners: USD 10 (adults); Rs 250–400 (vehicle entry charge); VAT
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