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Hot new openings in Tokyo this October

Akasaka Godaigo Hanare | Time Out Tokyo

Looking to stay on the cutting edge of food, drink and shopping trends in Tokyo? Sure, keeping track of all the new restaurants, bars, shops and stands opening across the city every month can feel exhausting and almost hopeless – but that's where we come in. Sparing you the trouble of wading through long lists of shiny promotional pics and hollow praise, we've again compiled a handy list of the top five spots to start business this month. Check out our editorial team's picks below, and make sure to leave a comment if you think we missed something.

1) Yayoi Kusama Museum

Yayoi Kusama Museum

Alright, not a restaurant, bar or café, but we simply can't overlook this one when it comes to October openings. The world's first museum dedicated entirely to bewigged contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama hosts two exhibitions annually, focusing on Kusama's entire repertoire, including her ‘Infinity Net’ paintings, phallic sculptures and, yes, those legendary red polka dots. Note that entry is by time slot and that you'll need to buy tickets in advance. Read more

2) Akasaka Godaigo Hanare


Akasaka Godaigo Hanare

Huddling up just outside Akasaka-Mitsuke Station on a cold autumn or winter night just got a little more attractive: this Kyoto-style oden and yakitori joint offers six-piece sets of both specialities for just over ¥1,000, plus a range of more creative eats (foie gras and daikon on a stick, anyone?) and around 20 varieties of nihonshu. Read more



3) Alfred Tea Room



Alfred Tea Room

A favourite haunt among LA's trendy tea drinkers, Alfred Tea Room is a pretty-in-pink establishment featuring an extensive list of teas ranging from matcha lattes to peach blossom. All these treats are set to be available at Alfred's new Aoyama flagship – their first Japan outpost – as well. In the edibles department, you'll get to choose from a range of both gluten-free and regular desserts, in addition to light savoury options including a very Instagram-friendly falafel sandwich. Read more

4) Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop


Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop

Famed for its fried-to-order malasada doughnuts, this mom-and-pop bakery hails from the Hawaiian island of Oahu and will now be taking on Tokyo, setting up shop in Asakusa after initiating its Japan invasion over in Kansai last year. Sprinkle some sugar or cinnamon on your oh-so-irresistible carb bomb and wash it all down with a cup of Hawaiian coffee. Read more



5) Empire Steak House


Empire Steak House

With around half a dozen upscale steakhouses, several churrasco joints and countless yakiniku eateries in the neighbourhood, Roppongi is already carnivore central. That means this newcomer from the Big Apple, opening just a stone's throw from the station, will have to work hard to carve out a spot for itself. It's set to offer a classic New York steakhouse experience, with thick, dry-aged cuts of flesh occupying prime positions on the menu. Read more

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