The inside scoop: Here’s what other Time Out cities thought about Fuerza Bruta

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

As Fuerza Bruta makes its way to Tokyo, we check in with our fellow Time Out cities on their experiences at this exciting show

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If you’ve been lucky enough to have Fuerza Bruta tour through your city sometime in the past decade, then you’ve probably heard of the crowd-pleasing spectacle that has taken the world by storm. As the much-anticipated show gets set to premiere in Tokyo this August, we couldn’t help but be a bit curious as to what our fellow Time Out cities thought of it. Here’s a quick peek from Time Outs New York, Beijing and London, who have all had a chance to experience the show first-hand.

1. New York: ‘Half techno party, half avant-garde mood piece’
Having charmed NYC during its impressive nine-year run, the show ended its course last August but has clearly made a lasting impression on the Big Apple. From high-flying visuals to shirt-soaking dynamics, this multi-sensory spectacle has continued to impress New Yorkers throughout the years. So what did Time Out New York think? David Cote describes his experience as ‘half techno party, half avant-garde mood piece,’ offering unique thrills for theatregoers tired of the usual show garb. He also calls Fuerza Bruta a ‘palate cleanser’ of sorts, filled with flying stunts and exciting elements like a clear-bottomed pool that descends upon the audience. He sums up the show in a few choice words: ‘If you want to lose yourself in environmental eye candy, this is the place.’

2. London: ‘A hoot: a joyous, unselfconscious overload of drums and guns and things smashing’
Fuerza Bruta last ripped through London with their stunt-packed crew back in 2012, but the Argentinian show was no stranger to the city, having been around the British capital since 2006. Time Out’s Andrzej Lukowski sums up the spectacle as ‘a hoot: a joyous, unselfconscious overload of drums and guns and things smashing that’s perfect for blowing away the [season’s] cobwebs.’ He goes on to compare the act to a lively club scene that has come straight out of a Hollywood action flick. Lukowski compares Fuerza Bruta to a dinosaur, adding that ’when it roars, it really makes you jump’. We can get down with that.

3. Beijing: ‘Absolutely a show where you get back what you put in’
Having premiered in China back in 2013, Fuerza Bruta also gave Beijing a suspenseful ride through the multi-sensory extravaganza. James Wilkinson calls the show a ’50 percent testosterone-injected pastiche and 50 percent sweaty postmodern rave.’ Expecting to party along with every performance, Wilkinson also warns that guests should be prepared to dance, interact and capture the action on social media.

All in all, it seems like our friends over at the other three cities could best describe their experience as a party-like adventure that’s very different from your average show. Although the Tokyo version is set to be specifically designed for Japan, it seems like we can expect plenty of excitement to come from the show’s signature acts – but with a special local twist. All that said, we can’t wait to experience Fuerza Bruta for ourselves.

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