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Having reopened the Roundhouse in a roar of testosterone six years ago, stunt-packed Argentinian performance clubbing extravaganza 'Fuerzabruta' has spent the intervening half-decade butchly swashbuckling its way around the globe.

Back for 2014, it's not aged significantly, largely because even in the heady days of 2006, 'Fuerzabruta's vibe was basically that of the club scene in any given schlocky Hollywood action flick, all unsubtle beats and lurid industrial chic. It's about good times and loud noises, not being cutting-edge.

This is, after all, a show in which the chief attraction is a ruggedly handsome man in a white suit getting shot several times before proceeding to run headlong through a series of walls. Closely followed by a pair of enormous plastic fish tanks that descend from the ceiling to a point alarmingly close to the audience, at which point an octet of lithe female performers belly flop, deafeningly and repeatedly, just a few inches above our heads, much to the awe of the teenage-boy-heavy crowd.

If I'm making this sound anything less than fun, then I apologise, because 'Fuerzabruta' is a hoot: a joyous, unselfconscious overload of drums and guns and things smashing that's perfect for blowing away the January cobwebs.

But it is also rather lumbering: in an hour and 15 minutes there are only really three major set-pieces, and what could have been a real whizz-bang 45 minutes feels padded out by cheesy drumming sequences, minor acrobatics and a flaccid ending. Next to the nimble Aussie cabaret-fests 'La Clique' and 'La Soirée' that have brightened up the Roundhouse's post-Christmas programming over the last few years, 'Fuerzabruta' is a bit of a dinosaur. But when it roars, it really makes you jump.

By Andrzej Lukowski


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I have never reviewed anything, ever, but this was so spectacularly awful I felt the need to warn people. I thought I would really enjoy it and was looking forward to seeing something a little different, maybe avant garde or circus-inspired, but as someone else's review said (which I sadly dismissed before booking tickets) there is literally nothing done in this show that you couldn't do yourself. I stood there the whole time (being pushed and ushered around by the staff so the show could move about) aghast that I had paid any money to see this. We left about 10 minutes early, pretty sure nothing could salvage it at that point, and we were not the only ones. I like to think it was trying to make some philosophical point about work life or the capitalistic 'rat race' structure, which would have been its only redeeming quality had that been the case. Otherwise, it was just a clumsy, over-hyped, nonsensical display of non-theatre and non-circus performance for those who are not familiar with either. Save your money; go see some Shakespeare or Cirque du Soleil. Or just stay in and kick around some boxes and glitter--same thing.

Wasn't quite sure what to expect but proved to be a truly epic and edgy circus-type performance. Tons of energy from the performers and crowd participation left us buzzing. I look forward to going again.

Fuerzebruta is a circus show like no other. It's efforts to involve the audience takes it to another level and it was full of surprises. Brilliant show and I would definitely recommend it.

I love this show, I've been twice this season. If you've not already been, make sure go. I can say believe the hype, it blows you away and leaves you grinning from ear to ear. I hope they'll be back next year, and I hope that they do an NYE show - as that's where I'll be!

It blew me away so much the first time that I just had to go back to see it again! An all sensory sensation - interactive theatre at it's best!! A must see ;D

What's not to love about dancing indoors in the rain to awesome Latin American beats with the occasional bit of dubstep thrown in for good measure?! Fuerzabruta is up tempo and immersive fun from start to finish. It flips between thought provoking, funny and inspirational but by far my favourite moments were those when the audience wanted to bust a few crazy moves with the shows performers! And this is totally encouraged!

I don't normally review ANYTHING, but this show intrigued me. Performance art meets theater, meets night club! It's a sensory feast that challenges the trivial. Definitely worth it!

Great fun. Yes there is some padding. Nothing to think about and no mind blowing climax. It is just a series of intensely enjoyable sensory experiences. Excellent for anyone who just wants to feel alive.

Imagine for a second a bunch of untalented guys eager to party and with a brilliant idea, they party and you pay for it. There is loud music, nonsense going on without any sense or skill like a guy running in a running machine and some chairs and tables passing on the sides while some confetti and water pours over. You will not see anything you could not do yourself. Not a single demostration of strength (fuerza bruta), intelligente or valuable skill that could put this people apart from anyone else. There are some visuals and music that will astonish to all those who think that Ministry of Sound is a cultural spot and go to Fabric to indulge themselves with pills. There are better ways to party and not paying so much for the experience. Specially when the ones having all the fun are the ones making the show which are dancing, swimming and holding all the time. For those watching is a mere exercise of stupidity under the veil of cheap mysticism, colours and music.

This show is all anticipation but fails to deliver any substance whatsoever; it is the most over-rated show Ive ever been to.

I love physical theatre but I wasn't sure of what to expect when seeing Fuerzabruta, after a friend invited me to go. Standing in anticipation surrounded by other theatre goers, waiting at the bottom of the roundhouse, we were suddenly surrounded by music and visually amazing acts of physical performance. I won't say too much about what happens, as I don't want to spoil it, but this is a great watch for even non-theatre goers. It's interactive if you want it to be and visually stimulating with some great music. It feels more like a festival than a theatre performance. Well worth going!

Fuerzabruta is an experience you will never forget. The Roundhouse is also the perfect venue to showcase this dynamic performance. Myself and friends have seen it several times so no wonder it is always sold out as people come back for more.