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Here are the new prices for all JR rail passes after the October 1 price increase

Japan's rail and train passes are now up to 65 percent more expensive than they used to be

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Kaila Imada

This is it, folks. The popular and super useful Japan Rail Pass increased its prices by a whopping 65 percent as of October 1 2023. It's a steep price hike, so depending on how much travelling you'll be doing, the pass may not be as good value for money as it used to be. 

Unfortunately, we have more bad news. Japan Rail Pass is not the only travel pass going up in price. The Japan Railways Group also revised the prices for its other multi-use passes on JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West and JR Kyushu trains.

To help you plan for your trip, here’s a list of rail passes in Japan that had gone up in prices as of October 1.

JR Rail Pass
New prices:
7-day pass ¥50,000 (¥25,000)
14-day pass ¥80,000 (¥40,000)
21-day pass ¥100,000 (¥50,000)

Old prices:
7-day pass ¥29,650 (child ¥14,820)
14-day pass ¥47,250 (¥23,620)
21-day pass ¥60,450 (¥30,220)

JR Tokyo Wide Pass
New price: ¥15,000 (¥7,500)
Old price: ¥10,180 (child ¥5,090)

JR East Tohoku Area Pass
New price: ¥30,000 (¥15,000)
Old price: ¥20,000 (child ¥10,000)

JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass
New price: ¥27,000 (¥13,500)
Old price: ¥18,000 (child ¥9,000)

Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass
New price: ¥19,800 (¥9,900)
Old price: ¥14,260 (child ¥7,130)

JR West Kansai Wide Area Excursion Pass
New price: ¥12,000 (¥6,000)
Old price: ¥10,000 (child ¥5,000)

JR Kyushu Rail Pass
New prices: 
3-day pass ¥20,000 (¥10,000)
5-day pass ¥22,500 (¥11,250)
7-day pass ¥25,000 (¥12,500)

Old prices: 
3-day pass ¥17,000 (child ¥8,500)
5-day pass ¥18,500 (¥9,250)
7-day pass ¥20,000 (¥10,000)

Hokkaido Rail Pass 
New prices:
5-day pass ¥20,000 (¥10,000)
7-day pass ¥26,000 (¥13,000)
(NEW) 10-day pass ¥32,000 (¥16,000)

Old prices: 
5-day pass ¥19,000 (child ¥9,500)
7-day pass ¥25,000 (¥12,500)

Narita Express (N’EX) Round Trip Ticket
New price: ¥5,000 (¥2,500)
Old price: ¥4,070 (child ¥2,030)

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This article was published on September 7 2023 and updated on October 2 2023.

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