Tokyo Node
Photo: ©DBOX, courtesy of Mori Building Co. Tokyo Node's rooftop garden and infinity pool in Toranomon Hills Station Tower

Exciting new attractions are coming to the all-new Toranomon-Azabudai district in Tokyo

Highlights include the new teamLab Borderless museum and the reopening of Michelin-starred restaurant Florilège

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Emma Steen

Mori Building development company has grand ambitions for the business districts of Toranomon and Azabudai. With skyscrapers such as the Kamiyacho Trust Tower – home of the upscale Tokyo Edition hotel – springing up like mushrooms, it's evident that Tokyo's efforts to prepare for the 2021 Olympic Games have left a lasting architectural legacy. Though the Games have come and gone, Tokyo's urban evolution shows no signs of slowing down.

Photo: Akira FukazawaMori Building's new skyscrapers in the Toranomon district

In the coming weeks, Mori is set to unveil two pivotal hubs as part of its expansive Toranomon-Azabudai redevelopment project. First in line is the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, scheduled to open on October 6. This will be followed closely by the grand opening of the Azabudai Hills complex on November 24 2023.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower
Photo: Mori BuildingAn artist's impression of the eateries inside Toranomon Hills Station Tower

Mori's vision with these developments is to blend the essential elements of everyday life – work, leisure, health and creativity– into cohesive spaces. The Toranomon Hills Station Tower, while primarily an office building, will also feature the elegant Hotel Toranomon Hills, catering to both international and domestic travellers. Additionally, its lower levels will house an array of retail establishments.

tokyo node Syn : 身体感覚の新たな地平 by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima'Syn: Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses' by Rhizomatiks and Elevenplay

Taking luxury to new heights, the tower's upper echelons will introduce Tokyo Node, a diverse space boasting restaurants, experimental art galleries and a rooftop garden fitted with an infinity pool. To commemorate its opening, Tokyo Node will host the artist collectives Rhizomatiks and Elevenplay, who will present a collaborative performance art piece between October 6 and October 29 2023. Titled ‘Syn: Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses’, the piece will combine contemporary choreography with digital, data-driven visuals for an immersive performance in a 1,500sqm arena.

Syn : 身体感覚の新たな地平 by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima'Syn: Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses' by Rhizomatiks and Elevenplay

The forthcoming Azabudai Hills complex promises even more architectural marvels, showcasing designs by the renowned British architect Thomas Heatherwick, the mastermind behind iconic structures like New York's Vessel.

Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaAzabudai Hills

Heatherwick's signature approach of integrating natural elements is evident throughout the complex. Spanning approximately 24,000 square metres, the facility will be adorned with lush lawns, tall trees and tranquil water features.

「Microcosmoses(仮)」© チームラボ
Photo: teamLab, Microcosmoses (tentative title) © teamLab

Art enthusiasts can anticipate the new location of the much-awaited rebirth of teamLab Borderless museum, while foodies can look forward to dining at Florilège, which is set to debut a new plant-based menu after relocating from its Jinguame address to Azabudai Hills. Stay tuned to this space for more exciting updates and developments in the weeks ahead.

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