Calbee releases chips and snacks in 47 flavours, one for each prefecture of Japan

Keep an eye out for potato crisps that taste like taco rice, gyoza, dandan noodles and more throughout July

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Japan is widely known for its seasonal snacks – it seems like every product you come across is offered in different flavours throughout the year. In the hot summer months, mint chocolate is the most popular flavour, but Japanese snack purveyor Calbee is going way beyond that. This month, Calbee is launching 47 different flavours of potato crisps, each themed after a different prefecture in Japan.

Calbee 47 flavours
Photo: Calbee

Through this Love Japan Project, Calbee is aiming to help people discover other parts of Japan via the respective prefectures' most distinctive dish. The campaign is now in its fourth year, and Calbee is bringing back the most popular flavours from the previous years – one for each prefecture – releasing them on three separate days: July 6, 13 and 20. There are six different Calbee snack brands involved: the flagship Potato Chips Crisp as well as Kataage Potato, Jagariko, Jagabee, Sapporo Potato and Kappa Ebisen. Here are some of the big-name flavours.

Fukuoka: Burdock tempura udon flavoured Jagariko

Hiroshima: Soupless dandan noodle flavoured Kappa Ebisen

Hokkaido: Salt kombu flavoured Jagariko

Kyoto: Chirimen (dried baby sardines) and sansho pepper flavoured Kataage Potato

Nagano: Pickled nozawana flavoured potato chips

Nara: Kakino ha sushi (pressed sushi wrapped in persimmon leaf) flavoured potato chips

Okinawa: Taco rice flavoured potato chips

Osaka: Benishoga (pickled red ginger) flavoured potato chips

Tokyo: Tempura flavoured Kappa Ebisen

For the full list of flavours, check Calbee's website. You'll find the limited-edition snacks at any local convenience store or supermarket, as well as the Calbee+ stores in Harajuku and Tokyo Station

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