Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia
Photo: 'Warsha' (2021), Dania Bdeir

Catch the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia for free online

This year’s award-winning submissions are available online to watch for free

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Good news: while the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2022 is getting ready to wrap up, there’s still time to catch the festival’s award-winning short films online. The programme typically consists of in-person screenings, symposiums and panel discussions. However, with the pandemic, the festival had to expand its virtual content to allow more people to enjoy the festival – even if they don’t have a ticket. The best part? You can now access the online streaming platform for free. 

This is the only short film festival in Asia entitled to select four entries for next year's Oscars, so you can expect to see some exceptional talent. Some of the titles are less than three minutes long, while other films have a runtime of 25 minutes. Nevertheless, all of the stories deliver poignant messages from unique perspectives. 

Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia
Photo: 'The Limit Taxi Girl' (2021), Masaya Yoshida

Featured filmmakers hail from all around the world and include the likes of Lebanese director Dania Bdeir, who won both the Grand Prix George Lucas Award and the International Competition Best Short Award for her film ‘Warsha’.

Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia
Photo: 'Eyes' (2020), Olga Azhnakina

Among the Japanese filmmakers are Masaya Yoshida (‘The Limit Taxi Girl') and Anna Takayama ('The Voice Actress'), who won the Japan Competition Best Short Award and the Audience Award (Japan Competition) respectively. Other highlights to watch include Olga Azhnakina's 2020 film 'Eyes', which was shot on a smartphone, as well as Andrzej Jobczyk's 'Airborne' (2021), a surreal animation about flying machines. 

Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia
Photo: 'Airborne' (2021), Andrzej Jobczyk

The programme will run until June 30 and you only need to register your email address to access the online streaming platform. Check out the full set of featured shorts here

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