Chocolate ramen is trending in Tokyo for Valentine's Day

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and White Day approaching in the next few weeks, there are plenty of reasons to visit the best chocolate shops in Tokyo to indulge in decadent choccy desserts. But instead of treating your loved ones to the usual confectionery and romantic dinners, why not try some chocolate ramen? 

During the month of February, selected ramen restaurants around Tokyo are offering tooth-melting takes on the ubiquitous Japanese noodles. From ramen with 'chocolate soup' to simple slabs of chocolate atop the bowl, Tokyo’s ramen chefs are getting adventurous incorporating cacao into their dishes.


Chain restaurant Kourakuen’s infamous chocolate ramen is back this year, along with a new white option, too. The classic chocolate ramen has a shoyu (soy sauce) broth mixed with cacao oil, topped with ginger and a small chocolate bar. The white chocolate ramen, on the other hand, is a basic shio (salt) broth mixed with cacao oil and cream, giving it a richer and creamier texture just like tonkotsu.

We hear the melted chocolate adds a slightly sweet aftertaste to the otherwise savoury broth, so if dipping chips in ice cream is your thing, Kourakuen’s chocolate ramen might just be perfect for you. A bowl costs ¥640 and is available at all outlets until March 11. 


Mensho Tokyo

Famous lamb ramen restaurant, Mensho Tokyo, is also on board with the chocolate ramen extravaganza. Shono Tomoharu, owner of several ramen restaurants including the Michelin-starred (awarded in 2019) Mensho Tokyo outpost in San Francisco, is serving up a vegan soupless chocolate mazesoba with chocolate-infused noodles in collaboration with the famous Belgian chocolate shop Duc De Praslin.

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Kipposhi in Shibuya is offering an exclusive ‘Pink Valentine Ramen’, available for dinner only until February 14. What looks like a basic chicken broth ramen is actually topped with strawberry, whipped cream and a pink chocolate bar. This off-menu item has only been revealed to eagle-eyed followers of Kipposhi’s social media, so you’ll have to ask for it specially.

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Just as you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, Papapapapine decided to put a chocolate spin on its already bizarre pineapple ramen this year. The basic ramen broth, which features 40 percent pineapple juice, is the base for a mind-boggling sweet and spicy chocolate dandan noodles, available all through February.

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