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Four crazy new desserts and drink to try in Tokyo right now

Tokyo has its fair share of desserts; whether you're looking for something traditional like wagashi and hybrid Japanese sweets, or the city's best ice cream and kakigori to beat the heat, you'll be spoilt for choice. But just when you think you've tried it all, out pops something new and exciting. This week, we've rounded up the hottest new creations in town. Some of these items are seasonal, so best get it before it's gone. 


Fortuner Tea Box


Cheese tea
Yes, cheese and tea really do go together, thanks to this creative combination found at a few select bubble tea shops around town. Head to Fortuner Tea Box in Harajuku to try out this peculiar beverage which is basically tea topped with a light cheese foam. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. 



Ebisu Bánh Mì Bakery


Ice cream banh mi
Bread is the perfect vehicle for many different fillings, and ice cream is no exception. Head to Ebisu Bánh Mì Bakery, the takeaway banh mi stand just a few minutes' walk from Ebisu Station, for this new sandwich creation which is basically Vietnamese coffee-flavoured gelato stuffed into a bun. A gelato bun-wich, we'd like to call it. 



City Bakery pretzel croissant with homemade ice cream


Pretzel croissant with homemade ice cream 
Okay, we've got another carb paired with ice cream, but who can argue when the weather is still hot and muggy outside? Head to the Nakameguro City Bakery that's under the train tracks, and you'll be delighted by the sweet and salty mix of the crisp croissant topped with homemade ice cream and drizzled with a tangy fruit coulis.



Chocolate cranes, anyone?


Chocolate paper cranes
If you can make one with paper, why not chocolate? Probably a lot harder to create than the paper version, these chocolate 'origami' cranes can be found at the patisserie shop Lien 1928 inside Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. Apparently it took the pastry chef a year to perfect his creation, but we can gladly say it was a tasty and beautiful success.