Best hybrid snacks and desserts in Tokyo

Tokyo is known for its unique and creative take on food – wait till you try these cross-bred snacks and desserts in Tokyo
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City Bakery Pretzel Croissant
By Youka Nagase and Kaila Imada |

If you’ve been keeping up with food trends around the world, you’ve definitely heard about the Cronut and all the other 'hybrid' desserts and snacks creating a buzz in the food scene. Tokyo's status as the food capital of the world ensures a steady stream of novelty food items, so we've gone ahead and picked out the best treats for you to try on your next food outing. There's a pretzel-croissant hybrid, a souffle-like pancake, a redbean soup with cheese, and more.

Go ahead and start snacking – or opt for something a little more colourful or cute instead. 

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Croissant Taiyaki

icon-location-pin Ebisu

Forget the croissant-doughnut – it’s time to move on to the croissant-taiyaki. Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake that’s usually filled with red bean paste, but this version by Gindaco adds buttery puff pastry to give it that croissant-like texture.

They also offer different fillings such as custard cream and a seasonal strawberry custard flavour. One side of the fish is coated with caramelised and crystallised sugar, giving it an irresistible crunchy outer layer. Visit their Ebisu location if you’re keen to try their triple hybrid: taiyaki croissant ice cream!

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Melonpan Ice

icon-location-pin Shibuya

Two years of research to create the perfect melonpan has resulted in the launch of Sekai de Niban-me ni Oishii Melonpan (‘The World’s Second Best Melon Bread’). This store’s hybrid treat has a crispy bun with ice cream inside. Might as well call it ‘the world’s best melon bread’, but the owner insists his teacher still makes the best.


Fluffy pancakes

icon-location-pin Shimokitazawa

Head on over to this cheerful café in Shimokitazawa for light-as-air pancakes that are almost like a cross between an airy soufflé and your favourite breakfast item. You'll want to check back regularly as their pancake menu changes according to the season. Dig into sweet offerings like strawberry pancakes and salted lemon curd panckes in spring, and warm flavours like hojicha and matcha pancakes during the other seasons. 

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icon-location-pin Shibuya

This is no ordinary anpan (bread filled with red bean paste). It’s a doughnut made from naan bread, caked in panko and baked in a special oven that apparently makes it healthier. Akarimado says their most popular flavour is the red bean paste with mochi-shaped mozzarella, but you should also try the ramune-flavoured bean paste.

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Pretzel Croissant

icon-location-pin Shinagawa

Hailing all the way from New York City, this cosy bakery serves everything from croissants and cookies to baguettes and sandwiches. One of their most popular items happens to be the pretzel croissant, which is exactly what it says. This particular croissant has everything you would expect of the buttery baked pastry, but with a crisp outer shell sprinkled with sesame seeds and salt to make it taste like a pretzel. You can't go wrong with this. 

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Shiruko Fromage

icon-location-pin Okachimachi

Usagiya Café has added a French twist to this classic shiruko (red bean soup) dessert, mixing it with rich cheese. Put a dollop of shiruko fromage on a thin monaka wafer and you have the perfect Asian-meets-Western dessert. The hybrid was inspired by the Brazilian trend of combining goiabada (guava jelly) and cheese, and has become one of Usagiya’s most popular treats.



icon-location-pin Omotesando

Dominique Ansel has brought his croissant-doughnut hybrid to Tokyo and it’s been a hit ever since the bakery opened its doors in 2015. Check back frequently for seasonal creations that are Japan-exclusive (think flavours like yuzu and matcha). In celebration of the Cronut’s fifth anniversary this year, the Omotesando location is offering bite-sized Cronuts which feature flavours from bakery's other international locations. 

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