Fukushima Chansey Park
Photo: Fukushima SeasideFukushima Chansey Park

Fukushima has four Chansey playgrounds featuring lots of cute Pokémon characters

There are rides and benches modelled on Pokémon like Chansey, Lickitung and Pikachu at these parks in Fukushima prefecture

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Youka Nagase

Japan is a Pokémon lover’s paradise with themed cafés and a Pokémon Centre where you can shop for merchandise of your favourite characters. You’ll even spot colourful manhole covers around the country as a part of Pokémon Local Acts, an initiative to boost tourism in different prefectures. This project also assigns Pokémon to represent each prefecture, with the character acting as an ambassador for the region.

Chansey has been the ambassador of Fukushima prefecture since 2019. In Japanese, fuku means ‘good luck’, and Chansey is said to bring happiness, making Fukushima and the pink Pokémon a good match. To mark this alliance, Fukushima prefecture has built four parks dedicated to the character with attractions themed after Chansey and other popular Pokémon.

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Out of the four parks, we recommend heading to the first one, which is Chansey Park in Namie city. It features a larger-than-life Chansey structure that has two slides attached to it — one on the lower level and the other on the upper level. 

To the right is a smaller Chansey that appears on top of the swings. 

Other pink Pokémon attractions include the Lickitung slide.

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There's also a Cleffa and Igglybuff seesaw ride with a Pokéball in the middle.

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Younger children can also enjoy the Happiny sandpit.

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Need a break? Take a seat on the bench with Pikachu and Poké Balls.

The other Chansey Parks are located in Koriyama, Showamura and Yanaizumachi. For more information, visit the Pokémon Local Acts website.

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