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Here’s how you can make Japan’s famous soufflé pancakes at home

Miss the fluffy soufflé pancakes in Japan? You can now cook them at home thanks to famed pâtissier Masayoshi Ishikawa

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Kaila Imada

The famously fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes are a joy to eat. You’ll find them at many cafés in Tokyo, and you can eat them any time of day – breakfast, brunch and even dessert. While border restrictions make it difficult for foodies around the world to sample this iconic Japanese dish at its birthplace, you can instead try whipping up a batch at home with the help of this easy-to-follow video tutorial and recipe.

This step-by-step cooking video was created by veteran pâtissier Masayoshi Ishikawa, who has 27 years of experience including an eight-year stint at Tokyo’s Hotel New Otani. Along with the soufflé pancakes, the pastry chef also shares a selection of dessert recipes on his YouTube channel, including Japanese strawberry sponge cake, matcha polvoron (Spanish shortbread) and another popular Japanese creation – the soufflé cheesecake.

Making the cloud-like soufflé pancakes has never been easier. The step-by-step video comes with English subtitles and instructions as well as a list of ingredients. Each key step is also time-stamped, so you can easily jump back and forth if you miss anything.

The recipe makes only one big pancake. For larger quantities, just multiply the ingredients accordingly. 

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