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Japan considers a limit of 2,000 arrivals per day ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

The potential cap on people entering the country could be implemented after Tokyo’s state of emergency is lifted

Kaila Imada

Recently, Japan has been considering whether to allow overseas spectators into the country ahead of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As reported by Nikkei, the government is now looking to set a daily limit on the number of people entering the country. 

A cap of 2,000 people per day has been proposed and is under discussion. If approved, it would take effect sometime after Tokyo’s extended state of emergency is lifted. According to the report, this daily limit would include Japanese citizens returning to Japan along with foreign residents, businesspeople and other travellers.

The cap is being considered as a way for the government to manage the expected influx of athletes and others involved in the upcoming Games. The government plans to ease its current entry restrictions to allow athletes to enter the country for trial matches starting in April.

Currently, Japan has banned entry for almost all international arrivals, with exceptions for Japanese citizens and foreign residents with valid residence status.

The government also plans to implement stronger quarantine measures. According to the report, along with observing the current mandatory 14-day self-isolation period, travellers entering Japan will also be contacted by a government call centre daily via video chat. If for some reason a person cannot be reached for three days or longer, private security staff will be dispatched to track them down.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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