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Japan has no immediate plans to reopen for tourism yet

PM Kishida says there are currently no plans to allow tourists into Japan as there could be another wave of Covid-19

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Recently, many Asian countries have started reopening to foreign tourists, but not Japan. The country has had its borders closed for much of the past two years, and we’ve all been wondering the same thing: when will Japan reopen to tourists? 

Unfortunately, it seems like international visitors will have to hold out a little longer. As reported by The Japan Times, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently announced that there are no immediate plans to reopen to tourists as Japan is bracing for a possible resurgence of Covid-19. 

Japan is seeing signs of a possible new wave of infections as numbers have continued to rise from the previous week. On Friday April 8, there were 52,000 new infections reported in the country, with Tokyo reporting 8,112 new cases. 

Over the last few months, Japan has continued to ease its border restrictions, but it has not made it possible for foreign tourists to visit the country. Just last week, Japan decided to lift its entry ban on 106 countries and regions, and allow for 10,000 entrants per day. However, these rules only apply to Japanese citizens, foreign residents and students, and business travellers.

While Kishida states that there is no exact schedule for reopening the borders for tourism, the government will make a decision after examining the infection situation and border control measures implemented by other nations.  

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