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Japan reduces quarantine to three days for vaccinated business travellers

Reduced from ten days, the new Covid-19 quarantine rule goes into effect from today

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Japan is slowly starting to open back up as opening-hour restrictions have finally been lifted on businesses in Tokyo amid a decline in nationwide Covid-19 cases over the past month. As reported by The Asahi Shimbun, the government has officially reduced quarantine time for fully vaccinated business travellers coming into Japan to just three days (down from ten days). The relaxed rules are in effect from Monday November 8.

The shorter quarantine time won't apply to tourists, who are still largely banned from entering the country. Foreign students and technical trainees will also be allowed into Japan, but they must still quarantine for ten days. 

Business travellers eligible for the three-day quarantine include those entering Japan for short trips of up to three months and those transferring to work in Japan. After the three days of quarantine, the company or organisation sponsoring the traveller must monitor their activities for the following seven days. The relaxed rules will also apply to Japanese citizens and residents returning from business trips overseas. However, travellers coming from high risk nations due to Covid-19 variant strains will not be eligible for the three-day quarantine.

This article was originally published on November 2 and updated on November 8.

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