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Japan reopens mass vaccination centres for Covid-19 booster shots

The large-scale SDF-run facility in Tokyo is now open, with the Osaka venue to follow on February 7

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Emma Steen

On January 31, Tokyo reopened its large-scale vaccination facility run by the Self-Defense Forces for the purpose of administering Covid-19 booster shots. The venue, which is distributing the Moderna vaccine, is open to anyone aged 18 and above who received their second dose at least six months ago. According to Kyodo News, the facility can currently inoculate up to 720 people per day, though capacity will be raised to 2,160 from February 7. 

All bookings for time slots through February 5 have been filled, but reservations for inoculations between February 7 and February 13 will become available online at 6pm on January 31.

In addition, a similar facility will open in Osaka on February 7, and will begin taking bookings on February 4. Both facilities will be open until July 31 2022. To make a reservation for the booster shot, residents must have received the booster voucher (sent to all residents via post) from their local municipality. 

While both SDF-run vaccination centres are open to all residents regardless of where they reside in Japan, the two venues will only have the capacity to inoculate up to a combined 3,000 people per day. If you already have a voucher and want to receive your booster shot at a local facility, or need to get the Pfizer booster instead, you can search for the medical institutions distributing that vaccine in your municipality via the government’s online directory. 

To learn more, visit the Ministry of Defense website

This post was originally published on January 20 and updated on January 31. 

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