Kagetsu vegan ramen
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Japanese noodle chain Kagetsu now serves vegan ramen

The Veggie Ramen Nana has been added to the restaurant’s regular menu in selected locations including Jingumae and Nakano

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

As Tokyoites are looking for more meat-less meals these days, vegan versions of Japanese comfort food have become increasingly popular. Now you can get izakaya-style teishoku meals with vegan karaage and gyoza, and even a classic strawberry shortcake that’s completely egg- and dairy-free. Joining the vegan food trend is Japanese ramen chain Kagetsu, which is now offering a vegan option on its regular menu.

Known mostly for its rich pork broth, Kagetsu surprised customers back in 2014 when it launched a lighter and healthier ramen. While the Veggie Ramen Nana (¥930) was just meant to be a limited time offering back then, the meatless ramen made a comeback as a seasonal item in June this year. Now, due to the unexpected popularity, the restaurant chain has decided to add it to the menu permanently at selected locations, of which there are ten in Tokyo, including Kitasando, Jingumae, Nakano, Sakurashinmachi and Ogikubo.

There aren’t any traces of pork, beef, chicken or fish in the Veggie Ramen Nana because the soup base is made from three simple ingredients: seaweed, Chinese cabbage and salt. In this hearty bowl you’ll find noodles that were enriched with superfood spirulina and copious amounts of vegetables like tomatoes, okra, lotus roots and green leaves, turning this Japanese fast food into a healthier, guilt-free meal. 

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