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JR Hokkaido is offering half-price rail passes until January 2021

From July 17, get six days of unlimited JR train travel around Hokkaido for only ¥12,000

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

[Update, October 1] The promotion ended on September 29 as it has reached its government subsidy quota.

As travel restrictions within Japan start to ease, more and more special deals are being announced to encourage domestic travel. Japan Tourism Agency’s new Go to Travel campaign will start as early as next week, covering up to 50 precent of your local travel expenses. Then there’s the half-price shinkansen tickets being offered on JR East train lines starting in August. Not be outdone, JR Hokkaido will also be offering a half price discount on its six-day transport pass for a limited time.

The Hokkaido Love 6-Day Pass allows you to ride on most JR trains (not including shinkansen) and buses within Hokkaido for six whole days, including up to four trips on a reserved seating car. Its usual price is ¥24,000, but if you buy one between July 17 2020 and January 25 2021, you’ll only pay ¥12,000 and Hokkaido prefecture will take care of the rest. We recommend you snag these tickets sooner rather than later, since the promotion will end early if the government subsidy money behind it runs out.

Passes can be purchased at any Hokkaido JR station, JR ticket office or travel centres within Japan, and must be redeemed within one month after purchase. The pass can be used any time from July 23 2020 until January 31 2021, except from August 10 to 19, and December 26 to January 6 (otherwise known as peak season).

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