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JR West created a safe turtle crossing under its train track in Okayama

Local turtles can now cross the train tracks without the risk of accidents or getting stuck

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

The train station in the small town of Nunohara in Okayama prefecture has been getting a lot of attention online for staff efforts to save the wild turtles that often try to cross the tracks. 

The turtles are so fearless, the JR Hakubi Line has experienced regular delays due to turtles crawling in front of trains at Nunohara Station. It seems the turtles were getting stuck between train tracks right where the track switches are located, and were unable to get out due to their restricted mobility.

Luckily, JR West came up with a solution – installing a small tunnel right underneath the track, so the turtles can drop in and safely make their way across. Think of it like an express lane, but for slow-moving reptiles.


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