Kaldi Japanese curry spread
Photo: Time Out Tokyo

Kaldi Coffee Farm now sells a Japanese curry spread for your toast

Move over, peanut butter – this new spicy spread will turn your plain toast into kare pan

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

If you’ve been to a Japanese bakery, chances are you’ve come across kare pan, a classic Japanese bread that’s crunchy on the outside and filled with savoury Japanese curry. Kare pan fanatics now have a whole new reason to celebrate as specialty grocery store chain Kaldi Coffee Farm has released a kare pan spread that turns your plain ol’ toast into a tasty baked snack. 

Don’t let the colour deter you – while the spread itself looks like hummus, it definitely smells like curry. When you spread it on a piece of bread and toast it, it turns a wonderful golden brown reminiscent of the kare pan you’d find in any bakery.  

Kaldi Kare Pan spread
Photo: kaldi.co.jp

The spread is made from dried mashed potatoes, dried onions and curry seasoning, giving it an authentic Japanese curry flavour. The spread even works well on plain rice, or even noodles. As long as you toast it before eating, the spread will brown nicely and get a crispy exterior. 

Kaldi Japanese curry spread
Photo: Time Out TokyoKaldi Japanese curry spread

The hot new item is so popular that you might have a hard time finding it in Kaldi stores, so the online shop is your best bet. A 110g tub goes for ¥306, so it’s a pretty economical way to keep your kare pan cravings in check.

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