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Kimono maker Yamato releases new easy-to-wear, accessible yukata

No need to watch YouTube tutorials anymore – these yukata have handy snap fasteners

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

Kimono maker Yamato has released a line of yukata (light summer kimono) showing a completely new take on the traditional Japanese garment. The Yukata Zero collection boasts three new yukata models that are designed to be accessible for everyone to wear. 

If you’ve tried on a yukata before, you know that it’s nearly impossible to put one on without watching a step-by-step YouTube tutorial, since you can go from summer chic to walking dead just by wrapping it the wrong way. (Quick tip: always wrap the left side of the garment over the right; the other way around is reserved for dressing the dead for burial.) Now, this wrapping conundrum is a thing of the past, as Yamato’s new pieces are already tailored the right way to avoid any fashion faux pas.

The three new yukata types in the collection include two two-piece sets – a shirt and skirt combo and a top and skirt pair – and a wrap-dress type. The shirt and skirt yukata is open in the front, which is an advantage for those in wheelchairs, and closes easily with snap fasteners. The wrap-dress version has an adjustable size and closes with buttons on the side.

The bows on the obi belts come already tied and the belt itself only needs to be wrapped around your waist and secured with snap fasteners – it couldn’t be easier. There are two obi types: one version features a normal-looking soft bow while the other comes with a flat folded bow, which is especially comfortable for wheelchair users. The obi come in five different colours, whereas each version of the yukata offers five different patterns and six different sizes, catering to all body types. 

Even though the Yukata Zero garments are hard to distinguish from conventional yukata, they do come with a heavy price tag. To get one for summer, you’ll have to splash out ¥34,900 – but hey, at least the obi belt is included.

Before you head out in your new yukata, be sure to read our guide on going out safely in Tokyo.

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