Kith Treats Tokyo’s new ice cream sandwich is a chocolate overload

The new chocolatey dessert features Cocoa Krispies and Chocolate O’s cereal

Kaila Imada
Written by
Kaila Imada

Kith may be best known for its effortlessly cool streetwear and sneakers, but it’s also got a foot in the ice cream industry. Known as Kith Treats, the Tokyo venue moved into a bigger and better space at Miyashita Park last year while also opening its first Kith flagship shoe store in Tokyo.

Kith Treats’ cereal-infused ice creams and milkshakes are very popular, as they remind us fondly of the sugary breakfast from our childhood. The latest flavour comes in the form of an ice cream sandwich (¥600), with Cocoa Krispies and Chocolate O's swirled into a rich chocolate ice cream and finished off with chocolate sprinkles. Yes, it’s a chocolate overload. The sandwich is now available exclusively at Kith Treats Tokyo

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