Starbucks Japan sakura drinkware
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Starbucks has dropped a second Japan-exclusive cherry blossom collection

The new drinkware line features more mugs and tumblers with sakura and spring flower motifs – and we have the price list

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

As we await the start of sakura season, Starbucks recently released its highly coveted Japan-only cherry blossom drinkware collection in mid-February. Surprisingly, within a week, the coffee chain followed up with a second drop.

This new release is slightly different from the first collection. The second lineup of mugs and tumblers is inspired by spring flora, where cherry blossoms are accompanied by a host of other seasonal flowers.

Better yet, the entire second collection is now available both online and in stores. So if you missed your chance at nabbing something from the first drop, you might fare better at purchasing one of these. To get you started, here’s the price list for the entire collection.

Starbucks Japan sakura drinkware
Photo: Starbucks Japan
  1. Spring bloom bottle (¥2,000)
  2. Flower charm bottle (¥2,600)
  3. Spring bloom stainless create your tumbler (¥2,900)
  4. Silicone strap petal bottle (¥4,200)
  5. Floral tile stainless bottle (¥4,000)
  6. Spring bloom handy stainless bottle (¥4,500)
  7. Butterfly handle mug (¥2,000)
  8. Spring bloom canister (¥2,600)
  9. Pearl lavender white stainless tumbler (¥3,500)
  10. Spring icon covered stainless mini bottle (¥4,000)
  11. Spring bloom stainless mini bottle (¥4,000)
  12. Sakura 2021 heat-resistant glass mug (¥2,500)
  13. Spring icon mug (¥2,100)
  14. Sakura 2021 clip set (¥1,500)

For even more cherry blossom goodness, the coffee chain’s premium label Starbucks Reserve has also released its exclusive collection of sakura drinkware and jewellery, along with special cocktails and food, at the massive Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo in Meguro.

While you’re at it, don’t miss the winter cherry blossoms as they’re now blooming across Tokyo.

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