Lawson instant ramen fried chicken

Lawson convenience stores now offer ramen-covered fried chicken


Love fried chicken and instant ramen? Lawson has the answer to your cravings with their latest fried chicken treat, which combines both in one snack. Created in collaboration with the old-school instant noodle brand Baby Star, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Lawson has come up with an addictive fried chicken, which is breaded with instant ramen bits and then deep fried. The bite-sized chicken 'popcorn' come at an easy ¥190 per cup; it's an enjoyable way to taste both Lawson's famous 'L Chiki' fried chicken and the super addictive noodle snack in one mouthful. You'll find this fried chicken goodness up front near the cash registers at Lawson convenience stores. 

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