Lego's new grown-up collection features a cherry blossom bonsai and flower bouquet

The Botanical Collection makes for great room decorations with a hint of nostalgia

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Here to reaffirm that toy bricks aren’t just for kids is Lego’s latest collection featuring a flower bouquet and bonsai tree. The sophisticated botanical sets, which were released on January 1, are a part of Lego’s Creator Expert series geared towards Lego builders aged 16 and over. Leaving plenty of room for individual creativity, the beautifully designed pieces have come out at a time when we could all benefit from playful projects that promote mindfulness. 

The bonsai tree model (¥8,712) comes with 878 pieces that comprise the potted tree on its display stand. Branches can be swapped out to reflect the changing seasons as the kit includes both evergreen leaves and pink cherry blossoms, some of which are, if you look closely, actually tiny frogs.

Lego botanical

The bouquet set (¥11,572) of 756 pieces is modelled on a vibrant variety of flowers, which include roses, snapdragons, gypsophila and daisies, to brighten up your living space once you’ve arranged them to suit your style. The kit doesn’t come with a Lego vase, but the flower stems can be adjusted to different lengths so they’ll cheerfully poke out of whatever kind of vessel you have on hand. 

Lego botanical collection

In the spirit of celebrating plants, the Lego blocks from both sets contain a plant-based plastic made with sustainably sourced sugarcane. Whether you’re hoping to brighten up your background for Zoom meetings or simply yearning to revisit the joys of building with Lego pieces, these kits are likely to improve your next rainy day. Just mind you don’t accidentally step on any pieces. 

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