teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab'Ephemeral Solidified Light'

Immerse yourself in a digital art sauna at teamLab Reconnect in Roppongi

This limited-time teamLab installation in a Tokyo bathhouse and sauna will open on March 22

Kasey Furutani

It’s easy to say teamLab is huge in Japan – not only are the teamLab Borderless and teamLab Planets Tokyo museums essential visits on any trip to Tokyo, the art collective just keeps opening new special exhibitions such as their installation at Ibaraki’s Kairakuen Garden.

However, their newest exhibition, teamLab Reconnect, brings light art and digital projection to a whole new physical, and sweaty, level. Located in Roppongi, teamLab Reconnect combines a traditional sauna with the group’s otherworldly art.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab

The exhibition will consist of three areas designed to invigorate your senses: the sauna, a cold water bath for cooling off and the art bath. The new artworks are all based around the theme of supernatural phenomena and are designed to combine different mental and physical sensations into a single unified experience.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab'Levitation'

So far, here are some of the pieces of art you can expect. The James Turrell-like ‘Levitation’ (pictured above) uses teamLab’s classic technique of art that responds to the viewer’s physical presence. When approached or touched, the glowing ball will fall and move around, but when left alone, it will rise back into its original position.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab'Proliferating Immense Life in the Rain - A Whole Year per Year'

Meanwhile, ‘Proliferating Immense Life - A Whole Year per Year’ is a grove of digital flowers blooming and growing before your eyes. When approached, the flowers will wilt and die, beginning a cycle of constant renewal.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab'Step into the Light Circle'

In the cold bathing area, you can step into this bright circle of light. The artwork depicts enso, the Zen practice of drawing a circle by using a single brush stroke and represents spatial calligraphy.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab'Array and Spiral of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke, Metropolis Tokyo'

The sauna area also features a room filled with colourful resonating lamps, which you might recognise from the lamp room at teamLab Borderless. Here, the lamps are activated when people enter the room and react to each person's movements.

teamLab Reconnect
Photo: teamLab

teamLab Reconnect is open from March 22 to August 31 2021. Weekday tickets are ¥4,800 per person (ages 11 and younger are not allowed to enter), while weekends and holidays are ¥5,800. To book tickets, visit the official website.

Opening hours are from 10am-11pm with last entry at 9.30pm (12noon to 11pm weekdays from Mar 22-Apr 23). For more details on Covid-19 prevention measures, visit here.

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