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Manhole covers with a design by Hayao Miyazaki are popping up in Mitaka

You'll find the new covers featuring Miyazaki's Poki character close to the Ghibli Museum

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

While the famous Ghibli Museum in Mitaka remains closed for maintenance until January 15, fans of Studio Ghibli anime can tide themselves over by visiting the area’s new manhole cover featuring a character designed by Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki.

Poki, an adorable bird-like creature first created by Miyazaki back in 2001 to commemorate the opening of the Ghibli Museum, now graces ten colourful manhole covers across the city. If you’d like to track them down yourself, see the list of locations:

  • Jindaiji 1-13
  • Osawa 6-6
  • Shimorenjaku 1-18
  • Shimorenjaku 2-29 (two manhole covers on each side of the street)
  • Shimorenjaku 3-1
  • Shimorenjaku 3-15
  • Shimorenjaku 8-10
  • Shinkawa 2-1
  • Shinkawa 6-37
Photo: kanko_mitaka/TwitterTakajo-kun

While you’re on the hunt, don’t miss the two new manhole covers featuring Takajo-kun. This friendly fellow was created to promote Mitaka to foreign visitors. You might see him in shop windows, too, to indicate that staff can speak English.   

You’ll find Takajo-kun’s covers at 

  • Shinkawa 6-37
  • Shimorenjaku 3-26 

For more information on the new manhole covers, see Mitaka city’s official website (Japanese only).

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