McDonald's Milky collab

McDonald’s Japan is releasing a Milky-flavoured milkshake

The special milkshake and soft-serve ice cream will feature the creamy flavour of the popular Japanese candy from Fujiya

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Fast food chains in Japan are known for their addictive guilty pleasures and rare menu items you’ll only find here in Japan. McDonald’s is especially busy, constantly introducing seasonal items into its menu, whether it be a new burger or a sweet treat like this recent Oreo cheesecake.

Now McD’s is teaming up with Fujiya, a famous manufacturer of cakes and confectionery, best known for its Milky candies – you’ve probably seen the sweets with the cute little cartoon girl, Peko, on their packaging. The hard candies are made with creamy milk and are sometimes found in different flavours, such as strawberry or even matcha.

The collaboration includes a Milky-flavoured McShake (¥120 for a small, ¥200 for a medium) and a special strawberry waffle ice cream cone (¥250). The latter features a Milky-flavoured soft serve topped with two sauces – original Milky and Strawberry Milky – and sprinkled with crispy strawberry-flavoured waffle bits to give it an extra crunch.

The milkshakes are served in special Milky-themed cups and there are five different designs, all featuring Peko, to collect. Meanwhile, the ice cream cones are wrapped in colourful paper reminiscent of the Milky candy wrappers.

The Milky treats will be available from Wednesday April 21 until early June at McDonald’s locations nationwide.

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