Mt Fuji
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Mt Fuji could be getting a train running directly to its fifth station

A proposal concept has just been approved for a train at Japan’s most iconic peak

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Emma Steen

Approximately 300,000 people set out to conquer Japan’s highest peak every year, with climbing season lasting from early July until early September. In order to reach the summit at 3,776m above sea level, some mountaineers find it best to start their ascent from Mt Fuji’s fifth station, which is the highest starting point.

Generally, those planning to give themselves a reasonable head start had to catch a bus to the trailhead at the above-mentioned fifth station from either Fujisan Station or Kawaguchiko Station. However, there soon might be a train to take you up there instead. 

At a recent meeting of Yamanashi Prefecture officials, a proposal concept was just approved for a new train line running to the Subaru Line Fifth Station. If the train line materialises, it could replace automobiles shuttling through the Subaru Line toll road. As a result, the current road may be closed to cars and buses except in emergencies.

The estimated fare for a round trip would potentially set you back ¥10,000; it is projected that the new train could attract 3 million passengers per year. Currently, a round-trip fare for the shuttle bus is a far more palatable ¥2,300. There's no word yet on how fast the train could go, but with a ticket price like that, we're hoping for something close to warp speed.

The train project is not yet confirmed, but with the initial concept approved, the relevant authorities are now able to start consulting with the locals on how to proceed with the project.

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