Nagoya TV Tower
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Nagoya now has the world’s first hotel inside a TV tower

Tower Hotel Nagoya is set inside the 180-metre-tall Nagoya TV Tower – it even has an open-air terrace

Kaila Imada

Whenever you’re in Nagoya, you can now stay inside the city’s iconic TV Tower, which has become a widely admired local landmark since its completion in 1954. Nagoya Tower is Japan’s oldest broadcasting tower. It was designed by Tachu Naito, the same architect and mastermind behind our beloved Tokyo Tower. The structure is even designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property in Japan for its high artistic merit.

Photo: The Tower Hotel Nagoya

The 180-metre-tall tower was closed in 2019 for earthquake reinforcements and recently reopened in September. At the same time, it unveiled the highly anticipated Tower Hotel Nagoya, which is set to open on Thursday October 1. Along with rooms offering sweeping views of Hisaya Odori Park, the hotel also features a restaurant, an open-air terrace café and a gallery room dedicated to showcasing local artists from the Tokai region.

Photo: The Tower Hotel Nagoya

Art plays a major role at the hotel. The guest rooms all display a mix of photographs, paintings and textiles by local Tokai artists. The hotel also plans to host regular workshops and exhibitions celebrating local industries and traditional crafts. If any artwork or craft catches your eye, go read up about it on the hotel website (in Japanese only).

Photo: The Tower Hotel Nagoya

The open-air terrace and café Farm & at Tower Hotel Nagoya faces Hisaya Odori Park, providing a casual setting for you to enjoy hot dogs and craft beer. Glycine, on the other hand, is the in-house French restaurant, which heroes local ingredients sourced from Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures – all within the Tokai region. 

For more information, see the hotel website.

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