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Read past issues of One Piece manga in English for free – if you live outside Japan

The manga series is celebrating its 1000th chapter by releasing a free batch of previous issues online

Kaila Imada

[Update, January 7 2021] The 1,000th chapter of One Piece was released on January 4 and in celebration, a selection of previous chapters have been made available online for free. For those who can read Japanese, a whopping 71 volumes of One Piece are currently available online through the manga publisher's website until January 11. For English readers, chapters 901 to 910 of 'Luffy's Journey: Vol.11 Whole Cake Island arc' are also available online via Manga Plus until January 13.


[November 11 2020] Looking for a new manga to read? If you’re a fan of One Piece, you’ll now be able to catch up on the classic chapters for free. After 23 years, the iconic manga created by Eiichiro Oda is nearing its 1,000th chapter and to celebrate, it's releasing a selection of previous chapters for free every Wednesday.

The manga series is published by Shonen Jump, a weekly manga magazine in Japan. The free chapters, however, will be available in English via Manga Plus for a limited time. The offer is designed to help you get up to speed with the (admittedly lengthy) story so far. The current free batch includes chapters 72 to 81 of 'Luffy's Journey: Vol.2 East Blue Arc' and is available to read online until November 11. After that, it’ll be replaced by another set of free chapters and so on until chapter 1,000 is released.

Manga Plus is accessible from everywhere except Japan, South Korea and China; these countries have their own subscription services instead, such as Shonen Jump Plus in Japan. Unfortunately, Shonen Jump Plus doesn’t have the same free chapters available, but some other issues are free to read in Japanese including Episode 1: Romance at Dawn.

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