Fujiyoshida city, Mt Fuji
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Take a weekday getaway to Fujiyoshida and work remotely from the base of Mt Fuji

Fujiyoshida city’s new workation scheme includes the trendiest hostels and a day office in a temple

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Emma Steen

When companies began promoting ‘workations’ in early summer as a solution to boost domestic tourism in light of international travel bans, the option seemed pretty grim. Why on earth would anyone want to leave the city only to remain glued to their laptops? But with more hospitality companies promoting packages for work getaways in some of the most beautiful parts of the country – and as national parks began to offer wifi – suddenly a weekday getaway to an alternative office space doesn’t sound so absurd. 

Photo: Shigotabi

This new workation scheme by Fujiyoshida city adds a little more to the experience of remote working with events and meetups for like-minded digital nomads. As a city located roughly 100km from Tokyo at the northern base of Mt Fuji, Fujiyoshida is the perfect place to ditch your makeshift home office for stunning views of Japan’s most iconic peak. You can get to the city within two hours by taking a bus bound for Fujikyu Highland from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (alight at Fujisan Station). 

Fujiyoshida city coined a new term for its unique programme, Shigotabi, which is a combination of the Japanese words for ‘work’ and ‘travel’. Through this scheme, you get to explore the best parts of Yamanashi prefecture without actually having to take time off work. 

Upcoming events that Shigotabi participants can attend include guided mountain climbing tours, photography workshops and a ‘creative city camp’ where international creatives and urbanists get together to discuss the future of infrastructure and lifestyles in cities. 

Saruya Hostel
Photo: fb.com/saruya.hostel

Accommodation and office spaces on offer include trendy Japanese-style hostels such as Saruya Hostel and Fugaku Woodworks x Hitsuki Guesthouse, as well as a coworking space called Anyplace Work which has a stunning view of Mt Fuji. You even get the option of working in a tatami mat room of Kichijoji Temple for a few hours (¥1,000 per session), which is sure to do wonders for your productivity. 

Activities and accommodation must be booked separately. To see the full list of accommodation and activities scheduled in the coming months, see the official website.

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