Sanrio Puroland and Ghibli Museum closing temporarily due to Covid-19

Kasey Furutani
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Kasey Furutani

In light of the recent Covid-19 (or coronavirus) outbreak around the world, establishments in and around Tokyo have taken some precautionary measures. Some venues are closed for the time being while events are either postponed or cancelled. This is to ensure the safety of visitors and employees but more importantly, to avoid spreading the virus. On Sunday February 23, Emperor Naruhito’s public birthday greeting was cancelled while the Tokyo Marathon on February 29 has restricted its entrants to only elite athletes. 

Ghibli Museum
Photo: Cowardlion/Dreamstime

Indoor activities specifically are taking precautions. The Hello Kitty theme park Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo is closed from February 22 to March 12 while the world-famous Ghibli Museum will shut down from February 25 to March 17. Ghibli Museum ticket holders who are affected by this will get a full refund. 

The park and museum are following the same guidelines as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is putting off or cancelling its own indoor events until March 15. 

There’s still plenty to do in the city if you're currently visiting. Take advantage of the shorter queues or get some fresh air while viewing the winter cherry blossoms – just don’t forget to wash your hands and be diligent in practising personal hygiene. 

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