Take a look inside Loewe’s ‘Spirited Away’ Ghibli pop-up shop in Harajuku

Created to launch a new Ghibli collection, the fashion brand’s store was booked out just after opening

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Youka Nagase
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Loewe Spirited Away Harajuku Pop-Up
Photo: Midori Takahashi

Spanish luxury fashion brand Loewe recently launched a capsule collection featuring characters from the classic Studio Ghibli film ‘Spirited Away’. It features a range of handbags, shirts, sweaters, wallets and accessories with illustrations of fan favourite characters like Chihiro, No Face, and the adorable soot sprites.

To highlight this special collection, Loewe opened a temporary pop-up store inside Unknown Harajuku, an old house and event space nestled in the backstreets of the neighbourhood. It’s open until January 17 and you can see the entire range of clothing and accessories on display.  

The store is free to visit but requires reservations in advance to avoid large crowds. Unfortunately, places were booked out almost immediately after reservations opened, but you can still take a look inside the store through some of these marvellous images from social media.

The entrance is decked out with red lanterns and flanked by two red pillars, just like the bathhouse Chihiro worked at in the film. When it snowed in Tokyo recently, the scene looked even more magical.

Inside, the walls are painted bright blue, with illustrations of clouds. Flocks of the paper shikigami that chased Haku hang down from the ceiling, making you feel like you’ve really stepped into the spirit world. 

There are even two special photo spots so you can re-create the scene where Chihiro and No Face ride the train.

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Every visitor is handed a cup of ‘Yokikana-cha tea’ made by Itoen and Kojiyasanzaemon, in collaboration with local coffee shop Pells. Each cup comes with an illustrated sleeve in one of four different variations featuring Chihiro, Haku and Yubaba.

This isn’t Loewe’s first collaboration with Studio Ghibli, as the brand launched a My Neighbor Totoro collection back in January 2021. We’re hoping to see even more collaborations between them in the future featuring other classic Hayao Miyazaki films. 

For more information about the pop-up store, visit Loewe’s website.

How well do you know ‘Spirited Away’? Check out this special trivia and concept art direct from Studio Ghibli.

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