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The coolest thing to do in the world right now is the Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo

Yayoi Kusama Museum | Time Out Tokyo

Topping the Time Out Worldwide list of the very best things to do in the world right now is none other than our city's very own Yayoi Kusama Museum. Japan's favourite bewigged artist received her first dedicated museum in 2017 and has continued to make waves all over the globe for her eye-catching Infinity Rooms, pumpkins and generous use of polkadots. If you have yet to visit, the museum isn't the easiest to get into, but those who are able to nab tickets are rewarded with a calming experience where you'll get a glimpse into Kusama's more intimate artworks. (Need help getting tickets? We have the guide here.)

This Time Out DO List also includes another spot on our island nation, and this will be of interest to whisky enthusiasts. Located roughly three hours west of Tokyo in Hokuto is where you'll find Hakushu Distillery, the sister distillery of Suntory's famed Yamazaki label of single malt whiskies. Set amidst pine forests in the Japanese Alps, this area is known for its natural spring water, which gives the whisky its unique character. There's even a museum and tasting area onsite, plus a shop selling a variety of malt-themed memorabilia. 

Among the 50 entries on this global wander-list include the futuristic 'Solar Egg' sauna in Sweden, a movie screening in a Los Angeles cemetery, a secret Gaudí house in Barcelona, the Time Out Market in Lisbon, and more. Be inspired by the full global DO List and get ready to travel the world. Or if you're in our beloved city right now, we've got you covered: here are the 88 best things to do in Tokyo.