Coolish Frozen Sour
Photos: Lotte; Design: Matthias Corbeel

These new alcoholic slushies are a godsend for summer

Better than iced coffee – the refreshing Coolish Frozen Sours by Lotte come in grapefruit and lemon sour flavours

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Tokyo’s been hit with a heatwave and we’re desperately looking for all the best ways to cool down. While we can appreciate a good ice cream or kakigori shaved ice, sometimes we just want something quick and easy that can be enjoyed on the go. Imagine our excitement and sigh of relief when we come across these new Coolish Frozen Sours, which are now available for purchase online.

Essentially an alcoholic slushy, these refreshing icy drinks are just what we need to beat the heat. You don’t even need a cup, as you can enjoy them directly from the squeezable pack. They also come with a twist-on cap, so you can slowly sip on the drink and carry it around easily. 

Coolish Frozen Sour
Photo: Lotte

The new Coolish Frozen Sours come in two flavours: lemon and grapefruit. Similar to the regular canned sour cocktails, the alcohol percentage is a low five percent. 

Unfortunately, this summer must-have is not widely sold just yet. As for now, the frozen sours are only available as test sales. But you can get a box of 16 for ¥3,344 on Amazon. You should also be able to find them at stadiums and music festivals this summer. If all goes well, we’re hoping to see them at our local konbini in the near future. 

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